Yes, she is a lady.  She has been raped in the past.  She is being raped now!  And I am writing here to defend her honor!  She already has a guardian, and many, who should protect her but instead pimp her, telling everyone within earshot how and even where she is most vulnerable.

Right!  Yes, she is the one who stands in the open for all to see at a major crossroads on a vulnerable national border, welcoming guests to the United States.   “Words” have been put into her mouth; or rather engraved on her pedestal.  Words of innocence and naiveté.  Not her own words.  She never officially spoke them.   After all, she’s a statue!  In New York harbor.

Those words are from a fanciful, well-meaning poet who never suspected that the poetry would be distorted to rape Lady Liberty, to suggest that this most proper of Ladies, a national symbol of integrity, would lift her skirts to the rapists of the world seeking illicit intercourse!

The real words of Ms. Liberty, if they are ever spoken, come from our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution!  Not from some stranger’s poetic imagination!

Remember, Miss Liberty stands there night and day, through all kinds of weather, shining a light, yes, perhaps, as a guide for those lost in the dark but clearly not a functioning light-house and rather as a perpetual torch like a flashlight, prepared to more closely examine all who would approach her!   She stands there not as a lady of the night but as a hostess;  and also as a guard and protector of her own household!  With her raised strong right arm she virtually but intentionally blocks the entry to New York harbor.  She represents the United States as truly the light of the world, the true light of freedom inthe world.

Good guests from around the world are honored to meet her in the open on HER terms and at HER availability!  However, the criminals of the world try to get past her, around her, through her –-by any and every darkest intentions imaginable, including lying subterfuge and physical violence—because, yes, even law-breakers here have the equal presumption of innocence before the law if they are caught.

This is an especially difficult era for Ms. Liberty now at a time with our Congressionally and politically mandated slipshod enforcement and protections of our immigrationlaws, specifically, to say nothing about our essentially porous wall on the entire southern border with Mexico.

Again, notice exactly where Miss Liberty is posted for her duties as Watch Woman and Welcoming Mother:  at the entrance to our major world harbor on the East coast where the Atlantic Ocean itself (as, indeed, so also the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast,  save the Baja Peninsula) is a gigantic, natural “wall” against invasion of any kind.  Fortunately, we have a friendly and capable Canada as a fence on our northern border;  miscreants from other continents near and far can’t easily walk or march in caravans through the width and breadth of Canada to assault our borders there!  Unlike Mexico to our south.

But despite the traitorous liberals and false guardians in our own midst, who are complicit in allowing the rape of Miss Liberty by not supporting her protective efforts and responsibilities with a sufficiently deterrent barrier wall on her southern border, keep in mind yourself that Miss Liberty is a tougher lady than liberals give her credit for!  At her feet, under her torch… notice the torch again: it’s above her head, yet illuminating what’s under her feet:  Ellis Island, the center for immigration and customs!  

Miss Liberty is not giving free and easy entry or amnesty to ANYONE!   The torch isn’t just lighting the way, the hand that holdsthe torch up in the posture it uses can also be seen as a stop sign:  “Halt! Go no further until I can see who you are!  And check you out!”

“Come in,” Miss Liberty seems to say, “but come proudly upright, where I can see you, and then enter through my own gates as guests, not as sneaky-worm gate-crashers!”

Lady Liberty is saying, “I’ll welcome the down-trodden, but, first, don’tpass go!  Come in right beside me.  At ground level.  Ellis Island. Like they used to do, before airplanes. Come in, in an orderly way, not over my bleeding body, my ruptured flanks!  

“If you are coming by air, I’ve got three major international airports nearby New York City and multiple sites everywhere replete with customs’ officials at each airport.  You can’t get through most of those airports without going through customs!  It’s that damn, drafty wall-less unprotected southern border, my flanks, where I can’t put custom and border patrol agents every two feet that’s giving me a back ache!   Welcome, but treat me like a lady! 

“Someone, call Congress!  Congress is giving uncounted billions of dollars to every other country in the world, it seems, and here I am, on a solid pedestal at our traditional front door, with no money for my protection, liberals tell me, and stripped virtually naked on my rear flank.  Tell Congress to come to the aid of a Lady in distress!  I’m stuck here in New York!  So, don’t argue with me about how safe and well-looked after I am up here at least!  If I can “see” what’s coming from in front of me (people, drugs and all), then what’s crawling in elsewhere, by foot?  I certainly can’t see back over my country to the South.   I’m looking the other way!   When I was situated, most immigrants were coming from Europe.  God only knows how many law breakers and drug traffickers are now trampling my exposed posterior to the South!   However, I can feel the chill draft as these aggressive migrants sneak through and up past my aching back night and day. 

“By the way, the DACA bunch?  They are like ants in my you-know-where, to keep the metaphor going.  Worse, they are like a rash in…. well, okay, but they have already infiltrated my states and towns illegally!   They knowthey didn’t come through Ellis Island or any other legitimate point of entry.  They are “sneaks”-spelled-“snakes!” “Dreamers/Reamers!”   

They are hiding under the cover of our complicit citizenry.  Not all citizens, I hope!  I don’t care how the kids actually got here! Sure, if you can, blame the parents!  That’s no exoneration!  The DACA crowd simply doesn’t belong here, and they know it –“nice” as they are?—but still, as illegal, “cynical” as can be!  ‘We’re here,’ they’re saying, ‘so who’s going to push us back out?!’  Someone I hope.   Toss the parents out, too!  If those parents could adjust here as illegals themselves, they and their children can also adjust quite as well being sent back to their legal homelands! Keep my jobs for my own citizens 

“I have no sympathy or tolerance at all for those who have taken such egregious advantage of me, radiating their illegal personal enjoyment and success in profiting off me while flaunting it in my face, as if to say, ‘Tough, Old Lady, so I’m stealing from everyone else, what are you going to do about it!’

“Doesn’t anyone care about me, woeful Statue that I have been made to become?  Where and who is my REAL, loyal family!?  It’s hard to know anymore. My president, Donald Trump? Jeanine Pirro? Fox News?

“And now more thousands of aliens, and more often, are assembling to march from the South to assault m vulnerability there, when and where I am weakest! ‘‘Open Boarders!’ I keep hearing from that one representative Guardian in California? And right below me, almost in my sightline, is the echo from another spurious but official Guardian!

“They’re out of their minds! When will their constituent enablers wake up and realize that their elected representatives are working for my enemies and not for me? My opinion!

“I, ‘‘Your Lady Liberty’ stand here watching in the wrong direction towards Europe, trying to examine the whole alien world on that side which used to be my main source of immigration but, Citizens, remember that I stand here protecting all of you! Cover my back, please!”


Curious Citizen, 1/25/19